A big "Thank You" to the inventor of the Luma Vue panel.  The first time I laid eyes on this product at the PPA Imaging convention a couple of  years ago, I knew what a powerful piece this was going to be for me.  This product has made a huge impact on our studio marketing.  I have used this product in our off-site displays as well as at auctions and it has made a big difference in getting attention for us.  I can not imagine NOT having a Luma Vue panel in my arsenal for advertising.  Thank you Mid-South for seeing that this product is available to our industry as well as all your work to bring the finest in lab printing services to our industry.         

--William Branson, III, Durham, NC


When I talk about finding your X-factor, its about finding those unique products and services that allow your business to stand out from the crowd.  We use Luma Vue panels to create a signature look and feel for our studio.  In addition, we love using the Luma Vue frames for our reception events where we showcase an engagement picture for our couples at their reception.  It blows people's minds!!

--Sal Cincotta, St. Louis, MO


The Luma Vue panel is the most powerful tool in our marketing toolbox during an auction or fundraiser.  This unique beautiful display lit in a dark room filled with potential clients draws them in like a “Bug Zapper”! 

~ Gregory Daniel, Titusville, FL


Our studio uses Luma Vue Panels in two distinct ways. First they are real “first class attention getters”  in our mall displays, and secondly several of our clients want to do similar type displays in their own offices or businesses and we sell both the print and panel to them. We can always count on Mid-South Color Labs to deliver both. 

--Kent Smith, Pickerington, OH


Thanks for getting the Luma Vues out in a very timely fashion.  As you know, we used four of the panels in our booth for the Home Show this past weekend.  We displayed three portraits and used the fourth one as a sign.  We placed the Luma Vue portraits on the outside of the booth in the hopes that they would draw people in.  I would say they were a success in that regard as we had great booth attendance.  The only downside was all the "fauxtophraphers" wanted to know where we got them and how much they cost!

So far the response had been overwhelmingly positive to the Luma Vues and we look forward to using them in different venues this coming year.

--Brad Cansler, Chattanooga, TN


The 30x40 LumaVues are stunning in the exhibit. Dirk and the Mid-South crew have been working with me on this since April, and it's really satisfying to see the complete installation. The panels are exquisitely finished, and every image was perfectly printed. It is sometimes hard to get a properly printed B&W, but the transparency material allows for a much greater tonal range than a print, so there is complete detail in even the darkest shadows. Thanks again, Dirk, for helping to create a spectacular set of images!

--John Hartman, Stevens Point, WI